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Colinton Local History Society Publications

Walks Around the Parish of Colinton

A series of leaflets guiding you round the historical sites of Colinton.  You can download the leaflets shown here by clicking on the images.    We will upload new walks leaflets when they are available.

Walk 1

The Long Steps - Parish Church - Spylaw Bank Road - The Shoot - Spylaw Park - Old Colinton Station - Cuddies Lane - Bridge Road

Click on the image to download the leaflet.

Walk 2

The Mills of Colinton

Click on the image to download the leaflet.

Colinton Characters

A collection of articles researched and written by members of the Society.

Copies of this book are available from the Society at £9 each (excluding postage & packaging, if required).  Please contact us if you would like information on how to place an order.  We regret that we can't offer a secure online ordering system.   

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