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Like other local societies we have been puzzling about what we could do during lock-down and beyond. We managed to squeeze in the last of our 2019/20 talks before the bar came down, but we had to postpone our Annual General Meeting (due in March 2020) – we zoomed in September instead. We couldn’t get into the Society Archives, housed at the Library, and we certainly couldn’t have any summer visits. The committee met by Zoom to consider the future. Our talks organisers had already put together an interesting and challenging programme for Autumn 2020 through Spring 2021, but it soon became apparent that we would not be able to use the Dreghorn Loan Hall because of the restrictions on numbers of people allowed to congregate there. So could we re-configure our talks programme for Zoom presentation? We are still working on this, but we are able to offer a programme from October through December and we hope to announce the 2021 list of talks very shortly.



19th October

Professor Sir Geoffrey Palmer: Edinburgh’s Legacy from the Slave Trade

2nd November

Kirstin Hay: Birth Control Policies in Scotland 1960 – 2000

16th November

Barclay Price: From Armadillo to Zebra – Edinburgh’s Encounter with Exotic Animals

7th December

Dr Arja Gunderloch: Duncan Ban Macyntire, a Gaelic Poet and Much More

To access the whole talks programme, through to March 2021 (eight plus evenings), we are asking you to pay a reduced annual subscription to the Society of £5 which we hope will help to cover Speakers’ fees and the costs of the Zoom installation. We will need your email address, and our Zoom administrator will send the invitation to join the meeting on each occasion – you don’t have to install Zoom yourself, just click a button at the right time. We are sorry that this proceeding will exclude the few of our members who do not have access to a computer or other device. If our speakers agree, we will record the meetings so that they might be viewed later in a safe location.


Payment details

Information about methods of payment will be emailed to existing members.

New members are very welcome - please get in touch with us via the Contact page to ask for details of membership. 

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