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Previous Talks




17 December 2018

A Child's Christmas

Lyn Stevens

3 December 2018

The Edinburgh of John Kay

Eric Melvin

19 November 2018

A Line Through Edinburgh: Archaeological Investigations along the Tram Route

John Lawson

5 November 2018

Sex, Drugs and Windy Nights: R L Stevenson in Edinburgh

Lady Joyce Caplan

15 October 2018

St Cecilia's Hall and its Musical Collection

Sarah Deters

1 October 2018

Capital Brewing: the History of Brewing in Edinburgh

John Martin

19 March 2018

The Population of Edinburgh; the census online and how to use it

Celia McIntyre

5 March 2018

Robert Adam's Edinburgh Riding Academy: New information on a lost building

Anthony Shaw

19 February 2018

Members' Evening:


Research into a name on a bench in Colinton


A Brief History of Colinton Cottage Homes



Andrew Paterson


Alex Stewart

5 February 2018

United Deliberations; the Grand Match of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club at Linlithgow 1848 by Charles Lees

Imogen Gibbon

15 January 2018

Ae Fond Kiss; Robert Burns and Women

Lady Joyce Caplan

4 December 2017

The History of the City Art Centre, Edinburgh and its Hidden Gems

Dr Helen Scott

20 November 2017

Juniper Green's Sir David Henry and the Curious Tale of a New Zealand Paper Mill

Prof David Finkelstein

6 November 2017

111 Places in Edinburgh

Gillian Tait

16 October 2017

Patrick Geddes and Edinburgh

Russell Clegg

2 October 2017

D’Arcy Thompson; Naturalist and Polymath

Matthew Jarron

20 March 2017

Sir Robert Lorimer and Colinton

Simon Green

6 March 2017

Disruption in a Penicuik Church, 1843 and all that

James Waugh

20 February 2017

The "Royal Charter": the Colinton Connection


Torphin Hill Golf Club

CLHS members


Christopher Davies

6 February 2017

St Kilda & the Islands

George Geddes

16 January 2017

Revisiting the Georgian House, Edinburgh

Sheonagh Martin

5 December 2016

Unlocking the Union Canal

Alan Forrester

21 November 2016

World War I in the Lothians

Alan Kilpatrick

7 November 2016

Modelling Aspects of the Balerno Branch Line

Alistair Dickson

17 October 2016

Mavisbank and the Villas of the Esk

James Simpson

3 October 2016

Mary Somerville, 1780-1872, The Queen of Science

Andrew Fergson

21 March 2016

A Scottish Doctor in Russia

John Gooding

7 March 2016

"The Village has changed a little but always for the better", a celebration of the architecture of Colinton before the First World War

Simon Green

15 February 2016

The Innocent Railway 1831-43

James Waugh

1 February 2016

Archaeological Landscapes: the Present in the Past

Alex Hale

18 January 2016

The Portraits of Bonny Prince Charlie

Dr Bendor Grosvenor

16 November 2015

We made a Poet: Colinton and Wilfrid Owen

James Hamilton

2 November 2015

Elsie Inglis, an Edinburgh Doctor in the First World War

Iain Macintyre

19 October 2015

Lady Elizabeth Forbes and Colinton

Jennifer Melville

5 October 2015

Reconsidering Celtic Art: Scotland and Beyond

Dr Fraser Hunter

16 March 2015

Another Look at Penicuik

Sir Robert Clerk

2 March 2015

Colinton's Lost Frontier: Baberton Mains

A group of researchers led by Liz Beevers

16 February 2015

Members' Evening

Richard Illingworth & Bob Bell

2 February 2015

Robert Louis Stevenson at Home in Colinton and Edinburgh

Prof Penny Fielding

19 January 2015

The Colinton Area: Looking at our Landscape

Tim Lawson

5 January 2015

The Story of the Water of Leith Conservation Trust

Helen Brown

1 December 2014

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Jan Young

17 November 2014

Insanitary City: Henry Littlejohn and the Condition of Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh

Prof Richard Rodger

3 November 2014

The Great War - How did it Start? A Scottish Perspective

Geoge Harris

20 October 2014

Lord Hailes and the Scottish Enlightenment

Mark McLean

6 October 2014

Edinburgh and the Act of Union

Eric Melvin

3 March 2014

Edinburgh Enlightenment Episcopalians and their Colinton Connections (1790-1820)

Eleanor Harris

17 February 2014

Prepare for Battle - the Bannockburn Experience

Calum Price

3 February 2014

Members' Evening: Memorabilia of World War I

Iain Copland

20 January 2014

The Heriot Watt Archive

Helen Taylor

6 January 2014

Whisky, a History

Sir Geoff Palmer

16 December 2013

Presentation on Robert Louis Stevenson Steps & Illustrated Timeline Project

Colinton Community Conservation Trust

18 November 2013

Isobel Wylie Hutcheson, Arctic Traveller & Plant Collector

Peter Cowlishaw

4 November 2013

Lothian Buses, History and Future

Steve Johnson

21 October 2013

Advocates' Libraries in 18th Century Edinburgh

Karen Baston

7 October 2013

The Union Canal, 1822 - ?

Stewart Liddle

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